Croydon Cycleworks founder Jamo wins his 1st race in 1981

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We ride, we race. We sell chains but we ain’t no chain store. We are a chest puffingly proud independent bike shop. We don’t sell crap, only stuff that we reckon is up to the job, we guarantee it. We have experience and for us experience counts when sorting out what works and what is marketing hype.

We like seeing our customers out on the road or trail happy with their purchase and we don’t forget you after you walk out our door.  We are involved in cycling and the local community, sponsoring and helping organize many events. We support good causes, such as Rotary, Ride for home, and many charitable fundraising events.

Croydon Cycleworks history

Little is known about the history of the shop before owner Mick Jamison appeared on the scene in 2000. Carbon dating of fossilised Campagnolo parts found beneath the workshop indicate cycling activity from the mid 1970’s and DNA testing of ancient toenail clippings found in the bathroom confirm the owner of the time as the infamous Bob Farleigh A.K.A. “The wheel wizard”. Bob was and is a legend of bike racing in Victoria. He was such a confident rider when he joined Southern veterans club he had his race number (#1) sown on his jersey permanently! Successive owners included Tony Barnes, Daryl Cay and John Pritchard which took us up to the year 2000 when present owner Mick Jamison returned to his hometown of Croydon to take the throne. Rumours that he was changing the shop name to “The town bike” proved unfounded!

Let’s meet a few of the inhabitants

Nick Thompson (a.k.a. number 2)


Big Nick Thompson

A big man with a big heart, they don’t come friendlier than Nick, who got into cycling through triathlon. After finishing 4 Ironmans he came to work at Croydon Cycleworks and his knowledge and patience is unsurpassed. He will most likely be behind the front counter when you come to the shop. And yes girls, he is available.

Current bikes: Focus Cayo, various hack bikes/fixie/ex-postie bike!

Likes: Shaved legs, redheads, his couch, bike buddies

Dislikes: Not much


Dave Richards (Sanchez)

An adventuDaverous spirit, Dave enjoys the challenge of cycling the worlds toughest climbs. You could say he is very challenged! He started Ggblueradient Blue cycling a few years back in order to share his passion for cycling with others. A great addition to our staff Dave is knowledgeable and patient. Resident I.T. guru (turn it off, turn it back on).

Current bikes: Focus Izalco Max, Cayo Evo.

Likes: Hard drives, downloads, floppy discs, feelings, fast recovery rides

Dislikes: Hardware crashes, millennium bugs, hitting the deck (not again).

Henry the Dog20150822_111246_resized

Employee of the week for 5 years running now, Henry is clearly the shop favorite and “teachers pet”. Now in charge of customer assesment, security, cleaning, staff counseling. Generally does what is asked (if offered food) and never talks back.

Likes: Chicken, walkies, sniffing bums.

Dislikes: The postman (really).



Mick Jamison (the boss)

Worlds at mammoth California 1988!

Long ago, before the internet or smart phones, before indexed gear shifting or suspension forks or disc brakes, before carbon fibre or EPO, Mick began his life long love affair with the bicycle. Over 30 years later and the passion for cycling has not left the owner of Croydon Cycleworks.

Current bikes: Times are tough down to 5 bikes. Focus Max Disc road bike (6kg with Sram Red hydro groupset), Rocky Mountain Vertex XC bike, Voodoo Rada 853 road bike with 7800 Dura-ace, 1985 Open Road Columbus SL frame with mix of old campy bits, Charge Duster hack bike, steel frame 26″ wheels

Likes: The first coffee after a long ride, steel frames, downtube shifters, podium girls.

Dislikes: Early wake ups, planned obsolescence, rip-offs.

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Shop Front

Croydon Cycleworks circa 2000


Croydon Cycleworks today