In the past bike fitting seems to have been as much a black art as it has a science, but now optimal bike positioning is within your grasp. Correct positioning on your bicycle (bikefit) can ensure that you ride to your maximum efficiency, speed and comfort.

While there are many self-proclaimed bikefit “gurus” around spouting a lot of pseudo-scientific jargon (and frequently telling you that you need an expensive new frame and/or other components) the reality is that years of experience, a good system and the tried and true protocols are most likely to deliver the best outcome. The subtleties of the human body are still not entirely known and there are far more variables than any formulas and algorithms could hope to predict. In other words, measurements and formulas only get us part way there, so we listen to you, use our experience and act accordingly as we make adjustments to your position.

With over 30 years and thousands of bikefits under our belts, we now have a state of the art system known as the GURU FIT SYSTEM to compliment that experience. The GURU utilises an innovative 3D camera system to scan your body, and capture your anatomical data to provide a starting point that is close to your ideal position. This is where our experience comes in. We then work with your feedback and the GURU system to find the riding position that is best suited to your needs.

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“The GURU Fit System helped me fine-tune my position and test my performance. This is a great system and I know where to work to improve my performance.”

– Peter Sagan
2015 UCI Road World Champion

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