We have 2 really good travel solutions for you here.

The Scicon bags while technically a “soft” bag are very thickly padded. Although heavier at 7.8kg it does have four wheels versus the Bike Pods two, making it much easier than the pod to tow around.

The Bike pod offers very good protection, the case material is quite firm, and the case is light at 6.7kgs, something you have to think about with airlines charging plenty for excess baggage.

Either option will provide your bike with very good protection while travelling.

Choose your bike hire option below:

  1. Select your bag from the dropdown
  2. Select your start date
  3. Select your end date (if you only need one day you can skip this step)
  4. Provide us with your details
  5. You will recieve a confirmation email within 48 hours
  6.  On pickup, please have a licence and visa/mastercard for identification and payment
  7. Cost is $50 for first week, then $30 a week subsequently


Roadbike Soft Case

scicon aerocomfort-mtb

MTB Soft Case


Triathlon Soft Case

Hardcase bike pod

Hardcase bike pod