Week 7 – Time to build up again

Despite the issues with my FTP test, I am pretty buoyed by the rest and looking forward to a whole new set of levels to hit in training. One thing I have decided to do is to try a few new angles, especially in VO2 Max sessions.

Monday is always a rest day in my mind, even after a recovery week. Its that last chance to mentally prepare for the week ahead. It returns with vengeance on Tuesdays! Tuesday is VO2 Max day for me. Tuesday I launched into a series of 40s:20s & 303s:30s @125%, and while not ‘comfortable’ and really working hard, I managed to successfully complete the session.

While still a challenge to get up early in June, I do enjoy recovery Wednesday. Not just cos they are easy sessions. They help me manage things in my mind. Review what I did in the session before and consider what is on the horizon. It allows me to think through my day ahead and achieve as much as I can. My in-laws have hit town last night and so I will be doing a bit of work at the shop with some reno activities. All tiring stuff.

Thursday did not start well. I forgot my Wahoo Bolt, which I utilise to manage the erg intervals. Today I would have to do it all myself. I decided to utilise Zwift so I could guage my effort and power. It was a flipping tough session, but I was strong. I forgot how the challenge of managing your effort and doing it successfully can be very satisfying.

Friday I was ready for another rest day before the double session Saturday. Saturday was a cold, cold start. I had decided to double up with a tough VO2 Max session and the CCW Zwift Indoor ride. Let’s just have a look at each session.

The first one was a VO2 Max slaughter-fest. I joined Dale Maizels & Gemma Carlyle on line for this virtual session. So what did we have in store. After a bit of a warm up, we had four sets of 16x15s@140% FTP, with 15s recovery. These are pretty tough. Yeah they reps are not long, but neither is the recovery. This is a real mental battle too. I was pretty satisfied to get through the session, albeit my legs were charred by the end of the session.

A quick change of clothes and then back into it for the CCW Zwift Indoor ride. I love this ride, however some issues with Zwift are making it hard to keep the group together. In fact it is basically impossible. We try not to go too hard, because we actually want everyone to finish together. We try to manage the group to a 3.0 w/kg when climbing which keeps a lot of the group together. We tackle the ‘Road to Ruins’ route each week. It gives a little of everything. There is 3 short climbs. A bit of bitumen and a bit of gravel. Mixed terrain – I love it. I was pretty tired by the end of it, so I was pretty happy to slip off the back of the group with 3kms to go.

Sunday signals another week of completed training. Today was another Threshold session for the week. 5x6mins at 108%FTP. OOOUUUCCCHH! To be honest I was not feeling the best coming into the session. I woke feeling very dehydrated. I had a bit of a headache too, which was probably associated with the dehydration. It was going to be a struggle ahead.

Yes it was a struggle. I got through the first set ok, set 2 was a drop in wattage, with the same wattage in set 3. The wheels were falling off in set 4. I actually stopped and took a 10 sec break in the middle and the same with set 5. I am always disappointed when I can’t hit the levels I want. I recognise Saturday was tough, but I definitely didn’t do enough to recover for Sunday. Lesson learned and must be addressed next week.

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