Simple to use, packed with features and reliable makes for a perfect training companion.



Wahoo Fitness is a tech-fitness company that has created an ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts.

Wahoo has always made premium quality gadgets and accessories and really made there mark with there direct drive trainers, recently Wahoo have released there very own GPS cycling computer to rival the big players on the market such as Garmin, Magelan ect…..

The Elemnt is a great unit packed with features in a sleek simple too use format, ANT+ and Smart Bluetooth allows for endless possibilities and use of sensors on you and your bike.
Smart Bluetooth also means for seamless phone integration giving on screen and audio- visual notifications and updates.
The Elemnt comes with a free Smart phone app used for customisation of the unit, settings and to review your ride data.


First thing you will notice is how nice the packaging is, offering a great run down on features and product info.
When you first pick up the Elemnt you will love the size, its not too big not too small and very thin and light.
Wahoo have been great and from the start supplied you with all the different mounts including a Time trial mount, a stem mount and a very nice out front mont shown below.



From your first ride with the Elemnt you will very quickly figure out the layout of the screen and come to love it, its very natural and easy to read.
when you set up your Elemnt you will choose how many pages of data you want and prefrence ten data fields of your choice from 1-10 for each page, the Element has two buttons which allow you add or remove fields from your two top prefrence up the whole ten selected.
The Elemnt also has mapping and navigation, its simple but effective in a jam.

Along the top and left side of the unit there is a series of LED lights, the top ones offer a very easy visual notification for ride pause/ resume and phone notifications.
on the left side the lights can be used to give a refrence to things like average speed, heart rate or power so you can easily manage your ride.

When your ride is done and you hit end, Element shows you a great overview of your ride giving the range of temps, elevation, speed, time ect.
you then also have the option to look at the stats for your week helping you stay ontop of your training.

Through the included iphone app Elemnt will automaticly upload your ride for review on the Phone or a computer, then if you choose automaticly upload to third party apps such as Strava or Training Peaks.


Pictured here is a reality check of what winter mornings in the mountains are like in Melbourne.

The Wahoo Elemnt is a unit perfect for anyone from the recreational rider all the up to elite racers.
A very valuable tool that will help you as a cyclist grow and improve.
The element is not full of fancy graphics and touch screens, instead Wahoo have developed a smart easy to use interface that simpily works and offers outstanding battery life.
Wahoo also have a great range of smart sensors perfectly matched to the Elemnt, but dont worry all your existing sensors will still work.

Come in to the shop and have a chat with us about this great product and have a play for yourself. At $499 the Elemnt offers a lot in a quality unit that will enhance your riding for years to come. Good to know that Wahoo fitness offer excellent backup and support, and are continually improving the software and adding features which will keep your Elemnt bang up to date.

Alex Drabble.