Have you considered a bike fit?

Looking to get more aero, or a bit more power on the bike? Perhaps a bit more comfortable while riding? Perhaps you get off the bike just feeling sore? If you answered yes to any of these you should consider a full bike fit, especially if you find you are ending up with injuries or excessive soreness during or after a ride.

IMG_3441At Croydon Cycleworks, we utilise a combination of state of the art technology and our years of experience in fitting cyclists for all manner of disciplines. Our aim is to deliver you a service that not only finds you the position that you are searching for, but a service that you will tell everyone else about too.

So perhaps you are a triathlete or racing cyclist and you are aiming to save more watts. We can review both your current position, but also explore other position options that will make you more streamlined on the bike. However, we will never get you more aero at the expense of power. In fact we can also look to optimise your power/aerodynamics combination.

IMG_3442For some of you, comfortability on the bike may be the issue. Maybe you suffer lower back pain/hip pain, hamstring tightness, knee pain? Maybe you get sore in the shoulders, neck or arms? With our adjustments to your position we can address these pain points and more. We look at all elements of saddle height & position, crank length and cleat position plus how you are set up at the cockpit/handlebars region.

Just compare the cost of a bikefit with 2 or 3 trips to a physio and you will see it makes sense.

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