Meet Adrian Rowe

Many people have met Adrian Rowe our experienced Tour guide & mechanic. Everything from cycling in Europe to aerodynamic design has been discussed with Adrian under the Croydon Cycleworks roof. Adrian has lead a varied and exciting life over the years. Here are a few fun facts (all true) you may not know about our Adrian Rowe.

  1. Born in Guyana, Africa
  2. Has two degrees – First in Naval Architecture and a second in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
  3. Played Saxophone at the Beverly Wiltshire (as part of the musical accompaniment of a fashion show)
  4. Had an in depth discussion and provided feedback on her portfolio to Pamela Anderson in 1996
  5. Had a job as a Deck Officer on a Super Yacht in the Caribbean
  6. Survived a Somalian pirate attack off the Horn of Africa
  7. Rode the race route for the first 9 stages of the 1991 Tour de France (ahead of the race)
  8. Has had a job as a windsurfer and sail designer
  9. Teaches Windsurfing & Stand Up Paddleboarding
  10. Competed in a Trans Atlantic Yacht Race in 2016

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