Triathlon season is upon us – have you got your fast bike yet?

Its triathlon season and we can help you get off and flying on a Cervélo time trial/triathlon bike. If you are new to the sport or looking for an entry level option, we have a couple that may not be big on cost but are BIG on speed and value. Cervélo are synonymous with fast.

With countless wins in the professional ranks, its little wonder they are the choice of many pro’s. Whether it be time trials or triathlon – these are often our machine of choice!

While we can provide the full range of time trial/triathlon from entry level right through to an amazingly fast P5 series machine, we have some great deals on at the moment on a couple of models.

2014 Cervélo P2 – Just $2200

cervelo-p2-14With a heritage that includes two Ironman World Championship victories, the P2 is one of the most successful triathlon bikes of all time. Stiffer, more aero and flat-out faster than other bikes in its category, the P2 is also more rider-friendly than ever, with more fit flexibility and versatile storage and hydration options.

This bike is designed to be something anyone can swing a leg over and take advantage of Cervélo’s advanced fit and aerodynamics. The component build is much the same. The components are a mix that are light and really work well together.

2013 Cervélo P1 – Just $1500

cervelo-p1-ultegra-sl-triathlon-bikeThe P1 Triathlon Bike is given entry level status by Cervélo BUT don’t let that fool you. The P1 can win any race, at any given moment in the right hands. The P1 addresses the main issue in getting aero and that is body position.

Built with durability of aluminum, the P1 is incredibly stiff and aerodynamic. The Ultegra drivetrain is as reliable as the day long with internal, aero cable routing. Spec’d with TriMaxTeam Vision bars, the Cervélo Bike is ready to race. If you are looking for a long and low fit that has a proven heritage, the Cervélo P1 is an excellent choice

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