2019 Tour of Italy Day 3

Some days you just have to roll the dice!

Photo: Paul V G

Our forecast again was for rain on and off most of the day. This can make it really hard as a guide to create a route that not only gives our tourists a great ride, but also ensures their safety and well being. Today was a tough day to judge.

After a review of the weather and timings it was decided that we would baulk at the previously proposed Passo Giau loop, as the forecasted thunderstorms were due to hit at a time when we would either be climbing or descending Passo Giau. It would be the farthest point of the loop from our accommodation and so not ideal.

Instead we would attempt to sneak in a climb up Passo Valparola, before descending back to the valley to beat the rain. Ahhhhh the best laid plans.

The group rolled out under a sprinkle of rain. After 15 mins the sprinkle became more of a trickle. Fast forward 15 mins and the trickle became a flow. Cue decision making time. A quick review of the weather and a quick shoot up the road, made the decision easy. The snow was relatively solid and it was still some 5kms to the summit. This was just not going to happen today.

We turned the group around and head for the relative safety of La Villa and a coffee shop for some of the best hot chocolate going in the region. With the group getting a little cold, it was time to send them back the few kilometres to have a shower and get warm. Then they could wash and pack their bikes in readiness for tomorrow’s transfer to Bormio.

Tomorrow is a transfer day to Bormio so our next post will be after Tuesday’s first ride day in Bormio.

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