Giro 2017 – Stelvio & Gavia Passes

Stelvio and Gavia

These two names send shivers down the spines of many cyclists – Professional and recreational. They are steeped in Giro history and have provided some of the most dramatic back drops in the first Grand Tour of the year.

Bormio is the town that provides great access to some of the most amazing roads in Italy. Often this area is highlighted in the Giro route,as it conjures images of Giro drama, snowy weather and the making of Giro champions. Situated in the north east of the Lombardy, in the beautiful Valtellina, Bormio has all our tourists need to enjoy a few days of great riding. Add to the menu, nice restaurants and thermal spas and they wont want to come home.Bormio Italy

Switchbacks - Italy 2014

Stelvio – Italy 2014

Passo del Stelvio – everyone knows this amazing climb. Often used in the Giro and at 2760m it is the highest paved road in the Eastern Alps. Some 21.5km long, this climb snakes its way up the valley through switchbacks, snow tunnels and amazing scenery.  Over this distance, you climb 1533 metres at average percentage of 7.1 %, passing through 7 snow tunnels and over 30 switchbacks on the path to the summit.

Steeped in Giro history with its debut in 1953, this was the site where Fausto coppi set up his victory. It was on this climb that our 2014 tourists, witnessed a tough day for the peloton and Nairo Quintana set up victory in the falling snow at the summit.
maxresdefaultPasso di Gavia is another of the Giro’s ‘infamous’ mountain passes. Often affected by the weather on race day it has provided some of the Giro’s most iconic images. Starting from Bormio, passing through several small towns, it doesn’t really start to increase in gradient until San Christina, at almost half way. The Passo Gavia ascent is 25.6 km long. Over this distance, you climb 1404 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 5.5 %. With roads often only one car width across, this is often a quite road for cycling.

Steeped in Italian cycling history the Passo Gavia is one of the most feared and famous climbs in the Giro d’Italia, first used in 1960 and regularly stirring up its snowy mischief ever since. In 1988, Andy Hampsten attacked on the snowy slopes on his way to a stage victory. At the summit are a couple of beautiful lakes that set off the amazing landscape. With Stelvio this is a MUST do.

Now its your turn

Our 2016 Giro tourists are conquering these climbs in the next couple of days. Your turn is next year on our 2017 Giro Tour. Our 2017 Giro tour is released in October 2016 but don’t wait to register your interest. Come into the shop to let us know, call us on 97235164 or send us an email on

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