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Bike fits have often been considered a black art. A mixture of hip angles, reach and crank lengths, and just a little wizardry. However, those days are gone. We have installed the state of the art GURU bikefit system and developed a process, coupled with our extensive experience, that removes the wizardry and brings at back to a world of real time changes that the rider can experience and help determine the right feel for them.



More science than magic.



So what does this really mean. Lets start by asking ourselves some questions. On the bike have you ever felt sore in your shoulders, or tight in your back, or that your power has dropped away from what it used to be? Has this occurred either during a ride or afterwards when your body has cooled down? Have you ever felt so sore from riding the day before, that you couldn’t consider riding today.

These can be signs and symptoms of your bike fit is not optimal. When your bike fit is not optimal it can lead to discomfort, soreness and even worse injury. No body enjoys that. Often when a bike gets purchased, we are so excited to jump on our new pride and joy, that we do not pay a lot of attention to setting our bike up correctly.

Perhaps your new bike did not come with components that are the perfect accompaniment to your body type. We are not talking about bar tape colours here. More of the contact points your body has with your beautiful new bike. Perhaps its the wrong saddle type or a handle bar stem that is too long or the wrong angle. Perhaps the handlebars do not suit your shoulder width. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable during or after your ride. With our experience and our new system we can identifying these things before they become costly issues. Three trips to a physio to address hip or shoulder related issues will cost $300 or more.

Peter Sagan used the GURU during the 2015 seasonprior to winning his 2015 UCI Road World Championship

This is where investing in a bike fit can be more than worth your while.

We can take you through a full bike fit, where we set up our system to mimic your existing set up before we start making tweaks to your bikefit on the GURU. We go through an iterative approach of different positions, that we regularly compare so you get a real time feel as to what is the most comfortable or most powerful position for you. Once we have found YOUR ideal position, we can then transfer those measurements and changes to your existing set up, so next time you ride you experience the difference.

We have several different levels of bike fit from just identifying your next bike based on your  ideal position, through improving the bike fit on your current bike, right through to a process of finding your position for power optimization. At the end of the day none of us want wasted watts – right?

So head to our web page and book a bike fit today. Its a real investment in your body.

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