Great Electronic Xmas Gift Ideas

A visit from the “Jolly one” is well and truly on the horizon and we have some great gift ideas in our Electronics department for Christmas. Whether it be three wise men trying to read the map for the route or better lights to find a manger in the dark, here are some great suggestions for you to pop under your Christmas Tree.

Exposure Lights

We have some great lights in stock from Exposure Lights. Exposure Lights is driven by their passion for producing the most ingenious bicycle lights. Riding in the dark can be dangerous and off-putting, but with the range of lights on offer from Exposure, you can find something that will allow you to continue cycling in safety and with confidence.

Exposure Lights – turn Night into Day.

From small commuter lights to incredibly bright, high-powered headlights Exposure really does have a light for every occasion. If you’re looking for that headlight that really turns night into day, then look no further. Great if you are commuting, touring, bike packing or just heading out on the bike late or very early in the day.

Wahoo & Garmin Bike Computers

We love our bike computers. Whether its following a planned route, keeping an eye on how far we have ventured, out training with a power meter, or perhaps its keeping an eye on how many metres we have climbed and how much higher to the summit of the Stelvio Pass. We love them!

We have great computers from both Wahoo & Garmin and here are a couple of our favourites.

Garmin Edge 530

The Garmin Edge 530 has been developed with the competitive cyclist in mind. It is a compact GPS Computer, that tracks so many data elements providing great performance analysis opportunity and great connectivity options, plus the ability to link directly to your favourite Strava Segments. Yes if you have a favourite segment that you would like to improve on or even steal that KoM, the Garmin Edge 530 is here to help make it happen.

But it is so much more. Aside from all the standards of a Base International Map, tracking all your power, heart rate, altitude, speed and cadence data and provides you an improved ability to analyse that data; this model also provides many other features. A basic route management feature, utilising pre-programmed workouts, Virtual Training Partner, but also provides amazing connectivity to lights, sensors, cameras and even your Di2 gear shifting systems.

Essentially, if it is worth measuring and tracking, if you are looking for a comprehensive integration with other Garmin products such as lights and cameras, then look no further than the Garmin Edge 530. Did I mention up to 15hr battery life.

Wahoo Elemnt ROAM

We recently partnered with Wahoo Fitness to host a Gravel Ride day featuring the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM. We had 15 of these units on the day and we loved them. The Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM GPS bike computer is built for any ride. Its smart navigation features allow for on-device navigation including “Back on Track” re-routing which will get you to your destination even if you veer off course. We used this on the day to ensure none of our group got lost as we hit some seldom used dirt roads and tracks.

This ROAM bike computer also tracks all the data basics from speed to power and everything in between. The ROAM GPS bike computer makes it simple to explore – whether you need turn-by-turn directions or just want to find the fastest way home. It’s on-device navigation features and powerful integrations are designed to help you roam with confidence. I personally love the way the Wahoo ELEMNT displays my pre-programmed workout sessions and makes it easy for me to know when I need to be giving it my all and when I am resting for the next power onslaught. It has a powerful 17hr battery life so you can go all day.

Essentially if getting off the beaten track is your thing, whether it be a bit of gravel, MTBing, Bike packing or just taking  the road less travelled and you DareToRoam, then you should be looking at the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM.


I have been using Aftershokz headphone for more than 12 months now. Several of our crew use them in fact. Often the Aftershokz Air, is our choice as it performs beautiful and comes at a really competitive price. One of the things I hate about traditional headphones is that complete loss of sense of hearing what is going on around me. Essentially they shut out all other noise, however Aftershockz work on bone conduction and don’t sit in your ears, thus blocking out the sounds around you.

Ride with music safely this Christmas

While you are out on the bike, you can be listening to your favourite tunes or podcast, however you can still hear the car approaching or the siren of Emergency Services, even the pedestrian talking on their mobile phone and is about to step out in front of you. You don’t lose that sense of hearing what is going on around you – but you still hear what you want to hear. Additionally you can take calls and even talk to say Siri and ask her to call someone for you. From a safety perspective I can not rate these highly enough. In fact, not only do we sell them to cyclists, but we also sell them to runners, forklift drivers and even a couple of new mothers who want to listen to music but want to be able to hear if their baby wakes up. A truly great gift for any cyclist.

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